MAIKAZA HERBAL CARE Is Here With Something BIG!!!

Thanks to This Powerful ORIGINAL SLIMMING PACK, Thousands of People Have Been Successful With Naturally burning Their fat and Flattening their Tummy Within 2 weeks, and Fixed the Root Cause of Obesity Permanently Within 3 Months!

“In just 2weeks of Adding this ORIGINAL SLIMMING PACK

 to my keto diet, I dropped 12Kg even though I still ate most of my favorite foods …..it still worked”

Working out was so hard for me and Skipping favorite food Wasn’t Come Easy, When I Discovered This Powerful ORIGINAL SLIMMING TEA.  I Use It every morning and in 2 weeks I Dropped 12Kg”…I just can’t stop admiring my new body.  This Is The Easy and Enjoyable Weight Loss And Flat Tummy Journey Without Exercising


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Dear Friend,

Now you can become happier, sexier, and healthier  with the solution which I reveal below. . . if you keep reading

About  5 Years ago.I use to be really over weight. I went to the gym everyday of the week, I did keto, I did all sort of diet plan, you can imagine…. And Here Is What I Have Noticed About All These Things. it’s too much stressful.

I Started Looking For a Less Stressful Alternative,

Something that works exactly like a switch, that I can do, and then eat the usual things I eat….Go about my normal activities without worrying about what I eat or whether I’m having enough exercise and it will still take off my fat fast….without a single side effect.

Then I found The Amazing Slimming Combination of the Tea and Capsule.

The best part is that…it requires:


  • NO Starving Yourself by skipping breakfast, eating lunch and going to bed hungry.
  • No Taking of Pills That don’t even work.
  • No Spending countless hours in the gym sweating out and getting no result.

    Trust me its up to 2 months now

  • I have lost over 30 kg of unwanted fat.

  • Gotten back my beautiful shape, those yoruba demons can’t get their eyes off me.

  • my confidence is renewed.

  • So much energy.

  • I’m so much happy

    So because I have used this and it has worked for me, I Write this article to help other women like me get similar result.

    I recommend you get the Original Slimming Pack

That is one out of the many success stories from the buyers of our Original Slimming Pack.

Don’t just take my words for it. …Here’s some of the transformation of a fraction of our buyers who has had success with the breakthrough weight loss solution.

This is Chichi, she shared with us her transformation pictures after using the Original Slimming Pack.

This product which was created with the help of health experts and was developed as an internal body cleansing system with 100 percent natural ingredients..

Every overweight person can take to lose weight and get a flatter belly in the shortest time possible with no side effect.

The Original Slimming Pack is a fine blend of moringa leaves, Lotus leaf, cassia seed,  oolong Tea, and burdock licorice is packed with naturally cleansing ingredients to purify your body and kick-start your metabolism.

Let Me Show You HowThe Original Slimming Pack Will Work For You

You have to understand the fact that; Fat is broken down by Only two means which are, By Metabolism or By Heat generated from exercises.

Original Slimming Pack achieve weight reduction by inducing metabolism breakdown in the body system. The packs are made from extracts already tested to be active in metabolism breakdown.

Original Slimming Pack contains powerful ingredients that will help you speed up the tummy fat burning within 2-5 weeks.

Imagine having all this powerful herbs in a Cup …

The MAGIC You Can’t Imagine…

Original slimming Pack Method of Action; Biological Method of Action Using the 3 stages System  

stage 1. Detox: Most persons suffering from obesity cannot lose weight because their endocrine system is not functioning correctly. This means that essential nutrients cannot be delivered in the correct place or dosage. Toxins build up and trigger addiction and overeating, spikes inflammation, which make you store belly fat and blocks your ability to feel full. Original slimming pack uses several ingredients known for their detoxification abilities. One may feel nauseous and have a little bite headaches in the days preceding stage 2

Stage 2.  Once the endocrine system is functioning normally one will already feel more invigorated and energized. stage 2’s onset then becomes more effective and faster. Nutrients now try to eliminate additional sugars and carbs through a signalling method by increasing satiety levels and reducing cravings for sweet foods. Thermogenesis also accelerates the process and one will feel that you have more energy than before. This is not only the pill doing the work but your body reacting to changes it has been made by aid of the pill. In one week your body will have moved into ketosis and results both physical and mental will be evident within 14 days.  

stages 3.  Is known as the calorie deficit zone which is the only proven theory of all weight loss. One’s body now burns calories for energy instead of carbohydrates and sugars. Original Slimming Pack helps regulate appetite and cravings so that you feel full and at the same time have abundant energy to perform optimally. 

Dietary Tips

The Original Slimming Pack formula is most effective when combined with an appropriate eating plan.

Follow these easy tips to achieve rapid weight loss.  

1. Reduce carbohydrate / Starch intake Below <80 grams per day.

2. Eliminate sugar from your diet. 

3. Keep hydrated. Drink lot of water (Highly recommended).

4. Avoid processed food.

5. Fat in food is not bad for you and your body will use this and excess fat for energy instead of carbohydrates or sugar. By reducing carbohydrate intake your body will go into ketosis which burns fat for energy.

6. Use Original Slimming Pack to accelerate results and provide additional support in increasing your metabolic rate. 

. Weight loss
. Burn calories
. Boost metabolism
. Cleanse
. Detoxify
. Suppress appetite
. Increase energy levels

Product Description :Our herbal tea is a 100% natural and gentle way to help the body cleanse , rid the body of toxic waste and reduce bloating .gives you the energy boost needed to support weight loss goals .

This tea should be enjoyed along with a balanced diet. Seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision. Do not drink this tea if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not exceed recommended dose. Keep in a dry place out of sight and reach of children.

Main Ingredients: Made with fine blend of moringa leaves, lotus leaf, cassia seed, oolong tea, burdock, licorice. .
100% natural. No chemicals or preservatives.
– Place 1 tea bag into a cup of water and steep for 3-5 minutes, remove tea bag and enjoy (hot or cold)
– Add honey or lemon for extra taste
– Not suitable for children or pregnant women 
Servings per container: 30 tea bags
Shelf Life: 24 months
GMP ,ISO 9001, HACCP,FDA Registrated




  • Helps You Burn Fat Faster Than You Store It:
  • Original Slimming Pack 
    contains the powerful ingredients used by Americans  for over 2000 years. It has been proven to boost fat burning in the body. When taken as a tea, They go to areas where exercise and dieting might not reach when it comes to burning fat. It helps your body decrease fat storage in unwanted areas of the body such as waist, hands, neck and tummy.
  • Increases The Body’s Metabolic Rate:

    As we grow older our body’s metabolic rate decreases making us store fat instead of naturally burning it. Original Slimming Pack contains green tea which helps speed up the metabolic rate like when you were just 15 years old helping you shed fat through the body’s sweat, urine and excreta. This will help in bowel movement too so you can develop flat tummy.

  • Anti-oxidant That Detoxifies The Body’s Lipid And Cholesterol:

    Original Slimming pack Contains Anti-oxidant : Anti-oxidants are very powerful when it comes to burning tummy fat and losing weight altogether. They get rid of your body’s sugar and cholesterol levels, they also help maintain it. It clears the colon off harmful toxins. Anti-oxidants also helps prevent diseases associated with being fat such as diabetes, high blood pressure and the worst of all a cancer.

Don’t just take my words for it.

…Here’s some of the transformation of a fraction of our buyers who has had success with the breakthrough weight loss solution.

FULL 30 Days So You Will Have Plenty Of Time To Prove To Yourself That My Secret Really Does Work!

This means that you will have a full 1 month to use the Original  Slimming Pack and prove it will help you lose weight and burn belly fat.

If at the end of this time, you have not lost any weight, you can ask for your purchase price back and I will refund it 100% in FULL.


Why am I doing this? The answer is simple you see, I know you will lose weight after you use this Original Slimming Pack. There is not a single doubt in my mind. But since you do not know me. . . and. . . because I am not a doctor, or anything like that, I figured this would be a good way to put your mind at ease. Because, if you don’t like it, you can call or email my office supplying us your bank details (anytime within the next 30 days) and I will immediately send your money back.

But I don’t think you are going to do that. I think the day you get delivery of the original Slimming pack will be the happiest day of your life and you will realise that almost immediately. . .

Here’s How To Get Your Own Original Slimming Pack Today

We have Only 50 packs of the Original Slimming Pack available and it’s strictly first come first serve!

The price for the pack of  ORIGINAL Slimming Pack  is N25,000 today only, Otherwise, you will get it for N30,000  tomorrow

(That’s 1 month Supply for Best Result)

which Contains

  • 2 Bags of Slimming tea (60 tea bags in total)
  • 2  Bottles of Original Slimming Plus Capsule… (120 Capsules in total)

But we are currently running a promo on the Tea and Capsule:

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All these in the above image is N25,000

Today’s price goes for N25,000

which Contains

  • 2 Bags of tea (60 tea bags in total)
  • 2 Bottles of Original Slimming Plus Herbal CapsuleTo erase the fear of been scammed we now offer Payment on delivery to all Part of Nigeria.

You will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company. We call it ==> Pay on Delivery.

TO order, Kindly send us the following details as text message to 0706-8030-713

Simply Text: Original Slimming Pack

       Your Full Name,

         Phone Number

    Full Address

Or fill the form below

Once we receive your details, we will call you to confirm your order, and we will ship your package immediately. You will receive the package within 2-5 business days depending on your Location…

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